IT Support Services

SAN and Storage

HP, IBM and SUN/Oracle SAN and Storage Maintenance Support

Maindec has provided maintenance services for a wide range of SAN and Storage systems for many years. These include the older DEC HSZ and HSG storage systems, as well as the MSA and EVA

Maindec specialises in support for a wide range of IBM SAN systems, including the DS3300, DS3400, DS4100, DS4300, DS4700 and DS4800.

San Storage

SAN Storage Systems - SAN Maintenance

MSA500, MSA1000, MSA2000
RA3000, RA4100, RA7000, RA8000, RA10000, SW300
HSZ22, HSZ30, HSZ40, HSZ50, HSZ70, HSG80, 4314, 4354

EVA3000, EVA5000,
EVA4000, EVA6000, EVA8000
EVA4100, EVA6100, EVA8100
EVA4400, EVA6400, EVA8400
SAN Support

Ds 4800

IBM Storage Solutions

DS3200, DS3300, DS3400, DS3500 Storage Arrays
DS4100, DS4200, DS4300, DS4700, DS4800 Storage Arrays


SUN/Oracle Storage Array

StorEdge 3120, 2540, 3310, 3320, 3510, 3511, A1000, A3000, A3500,
A5000, A5100, A5200

StorEdge D1000, D2, S1, T3E, T3W

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