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Login to Maindec Call Management
This facility allows Maindec Customers with a current support contract to view and log service events. This information is accessible for all sites within the customer profile and can be used to access both current and historic information.

Online Call Management

Dynamic and Easy to use and gives access to all current and historic call information.


  • Allows both the viewing of calls and logging of new calls.
  • Gives access to your call data anywhere on the web.


To register for this service please read our registration procedure, click here for details.

Please email our operations department at with any queries.

We are currently migrating to a new Call Management System and so while this is taking place, there are two different web based methods for managing calls as detailed below.

Use the upper Login box to view all calls logged after the 13th of November 2012

Use the lower Login box to view all calls logged before the 13th of November 2012